Osmund Osmundsen  1885-1961

Osmundsen Genealogy

Osmund Osmundsen's contribution to the Panama Canal could be forgotten except for memories of conversations we had when I was a young boy.  Our family knew that he worked on the Panama canal.  Maybe through this web page we both may learn a little more.

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The men who built the Panama Canal applied their knowledge, skills and  toil to see its completion.  We honor leadership. Osmund (far left) was not one of those honored, but he assured its success.

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About the Author: Arthur Osmund Anderson is a second generation Norwegian-American whose roots in Stavanger, Sauda, Risor and Halden are Ekte Norsk!  He lives with his family in a historic district in Maryland. His town, like Stavanger has many historic old homes that date from the 1700's.  Because of its location it is also well positioned to participate in high technology and biomedical industries. Art works as a senior scientist and ethicist at an institute that develops new vaccines, drugs and devices for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases.

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