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Osmundsen Genealogy

Osmund left Stavanger in a square rigger like this one in Bergen Harbor.  He told me that he once "rounded the horn" under sail power. The Captain took an interest in him and taught him the ropes. That began his education in Rigging.  Mastery came when he applied what he learned to drydocking, ship building and construction industries.  His work in NY introduced him to  Roebling's sons and Goethals.

Some of Osmund's first rigging jobs in New York were connected with construction of the Subway System. In the two pictures at right, he and his team  are involved with moving a building as large as those behind him to make room for excavations for the new subway.

Riggers moving NY building.

Young Osmund (center) in NY.

When Osmund was a boy he often went down the street at the left to see the ships. He was still a teenager when he left beautiful Stavanger for adventure and opportunities.  He learned many of life's lessons while traveling the oceans in ships. 

The school of hard knocks taught him many simple lessons for success.  He once told me I could move a huge freighter with my thumb. I didn't believe him. I quickly tried to shove it away from the dock and almost hurt myself. He said, just patiently press against the ship and it will move. It did! He said, "If you remember to be patient and respectful of your subject when you start anything, you will be successful!" I never forgot that lesson and thank him for it everyday. His men respected him for his patience and strength of character.  He never had to apply pressure.

"Take it easy" is an American expression that has Norwegian roots. Osmund took it easy as Captain of Mr. Dyruff's Schooner Yacht "Vision."(click this hotlink)